PMA Organizes Two Lectures in Bethlehem University

As part of its educational and awareness-raising activities and events, and in coordination with the Bethlehem university, the PMA organized two scientific lectures entitled “The Role of Bank Supervision in Maintaining Financial Stability in Palestine” and “The Palestine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC): Foundation and Goals”. The lectures were held at university headquarters and were attended by a delegation from the PMA, the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, Dr Fadi Kattan, in addition to department heads, lecturers and faculty students. The two lectures were delivered by Head of Foreign Banks Supervision Division at the PMA, Mr Eyad Nassar, and the Managing Director of the PDIC, Mr Zaher Hammuz, respectively via software presentations.

These lectures contributed to acquaint university students and faculty members to the mission and role of the PMA and its endeavors to safeguard the bank deposits of customers; hence the establishment of the PDIC for that purpose. In addition, various viewpoints presented by students and staff were discussed and their queries and questions answered.

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