PMA Gives Banking Awareness Lecture in Sign Language

In cooperation with Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children in Gaza, the PMA held a banking awareness lecture in sign language as part of lectures and seminars offered by the Public Relations and Communication Department to promote banking and financial education to all segments of society, including segments with special needs.

The lecture targeted students with hearing impairment from an age segment between sixth and eleventh grade. 

In turn, Mr. Hussein Zaggut, PMA Public Services Supervisor, gave a lecture that was translated to sign language by Mr. Fadle Karraz. Mr. Zaggut gave a simplified presentation on PMA and its role in bank supervision and the regulation of the Palestinian banking sector. He also clarified many banking terms and described the way to open a bank account and to deal with an Automated Teller Machine (ATM).  

The lecture was appreciated by the students who explained that it was the first of its kind and said it would be beneficial to everyday life in the future.

Mr. Naim Kabajeh, the Society Manager, expressed his gratitude to the PMA for organizing the lecture to students with special needs commending PMA for its care for citizens with special needs.

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