Palestine Monetary Authority Organizes Lecture Series at Local Universities

Palestine Monetary Authority has organized a lecture series at local universities about the role of the PMA in the development of the financial system and the progress it has made toward financial stability. The lectures elucidate the PMA measures fostering development of the financial sector and highlight the roles of economic research which PMA conducts and the reports it publishes in acquainting the public with the economic progress in Palestine. The lectures also focus on the future goals endorsed by the PMA regarding the passage of the Central Bank Law and the implementation of the National Switch, in addition to the efforts it exerts to develop the work of specialized lending institutions and money-changers.

Lectures have been held at An-Najah National University, Al-Quds Open University, Palestine Technical University, Bethlehem University, Hebron University, Palestine Polytechnic University, Arab American University and the Palestine Ahliyeh University College. PMA speakers were hosted by schools of economics and banking and finance in these universities, where they presented introductory briefings about the role PMA plays in monitoring the banking system and maintaining financial stability in Palestine. 

In the presence of administration and students, Dr Jihad Al Wazir gave a lecture at Hebron University in which he addressed the subject of the mission of PMA in maintaining financial stability in Palestine. Lectures were also given by Riyad Abu Shehadeh, Director of the Supervision and Inspection Department, Mohammad Atallah, Director of Research and Monetary Policy Department and Jamal Odeh, head of Non-Banking Financial Institutions Supervision Division in the Supervision and Inspection Department at PMA.

These lectures have contributed to acquaint university students and staff with the mission and the role of PMA as well as its efforts to protect customer deposits in banks and its establishment of the Palestine Deposit Insurance Corporation to serve that purpose. Furthermore, these lectures have facilitated dialogue with staff and students and provided answers to their questions and queries.

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