PMA Organizes Three Lectures about Banking with Gaza Universities

Gaza - Palestine Monetary Authorityorganized lectures about banking in association with three Gaza universities the purpose of which was to raise awareness about banking. Students of finance and banking sciences, accounting, statistics, and business administration attended the lectures. Teaching staff from Palestine University, Gaza University, and Ummah University also attended the lectures. The organization of lectures, which PMA has conducted over the years, has been part of PMA’s financial inclusion strategy – the aim of this strategy is to ensure access to banking services and products to the society and to enhance banking and financial culture. 

Dr. Ammar Al Araj, PMA Governor’s Advisor for Monetary Operations Affairs lectured at Palestine University and Ummah University on “PMA and the Banking Sector” addressing the establishment of PMA, development, and role in the Palestinian banking system and the financial sector and PMA’s strategy to become a fully-fledged central bank. Moreover, Dr. Al Araj addressed the achievements of PMA in ensuring financial stability and strengthening the principles of governance at institutions under its supervision. Dr. Al Araj also lectured on the organizational structure developments and legislations and development of local, regional, and international relations of PMA.

Mr. Fawzi Abu Jazar of PMA’s Supervision and Inspection Department lectured at Gaza University on “The Supervisory Role of PMA” explaining the risks facing the banking sector and the supervisory risks of banking and the achievements of PMA in this respect. Mr. Abu Jazar also explained PMA’s mechanism of supervision over the banks that operate in Palestine, the size of deposits, and the facilities banks deliver.   

Participants received PMA’s publications including bulletins and awareness-raising brochures at the end of the lectures. 



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