Palestine Monetary Authority Completes 9th Training Program for Gaza Universities’ Students as Part of PMA’s Strategy to Promulgate Banking and Financial Culture

Gaza - Palestine Monetary Authority completes the 9thtraining program for Gaza universities’ students, which comes within the framework of PMA’s strategy to spread the banking and financial culture in the society and as part of the cooperation between PMA and the Palestinian academic institution. 

The number of the students who took part in the training was twenty-five. They were majored in finance and banking as well as accounting, statistics, and business management from Al Azhar University, Islamic University, Gaza University, and University College of Applied Sciences.    

His Excellency Mr. Azzam Shawwa, the Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority, praised the relationship between PMA and the universities in Gaza as part of PMA’s financial and banking inclusion strategy. Such training aimed to enhance banking and financial culture of the university students and their practical knowledge in banking and finance, said Mr. Shawwa.   

The Technical Committee of Working with Universities in Gaza at PMA conducted the training through PMA staff. The training covered technical and professional aspects of PMA’s functions and its leadership of the Palestinian banking sector. The participants were briefed about the work at PMA’s departments. Dr. Ammar Al Araj, Governor Advisor for Monetary Operations Affairs and Head of the Technical Committee of Working with Universities in Gaza, said the training was within the framework of joint cooperation between PMA and Gaza universities on the basis of previously-signed memoranda of understanding.


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