PMA Organizes an Environmental Exhibition

Dr. Jihad Al Wazir- Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority, (PMA), and Mr. Imad Al Baba- Representative of the Ministry of Environmental Affairs, have inaugurated "For a Better Environment" exhibition that aimed at raising the awareness of PMA employees on the possibilities of recycling the solid wastes into a useful educational tools for their children.

The exhibition included activities that enhanced the awareness about the risks of using some materials on the public health, while Mr. Ayman Abed Rabbo, from the Department of Environmental Affairs in Nablus city introduced the interactive educational games made from solid waste for children and adults.

Representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Affairs handed out educational brochures, posters and environmental gifts, in addition to environment-friendly products made by school students.

PMA organized this exhibition as part of its efforts in raising the environmental awareness, and it is worth mentioning that PMA is recycling the papers of its departments and encourages the Palestinian banking system to do so.