Palestine Monetary Authority and Paltel Sign an Agreement to Provide Hosting Services to the Sites of Palestine Monetary Authority in the Data Center of Paltel in Al-Bireh

Ramallah – July 21, 2019 - Palestine Monetary Authority signed today a strategic partnership agreement with Palestinian Telecommunications Company (Paltel) to provide hosting services to DR Site and HA Site of Palestine Monetary Authority at the Paltel Data Center in Al-Bireh. The agreement was signed between His Excellency Mr. Azzam Shawwa, Governor of the Palestine Monetary Authority and CEO of the Palestinian Telecommunications Group Mr. Ammar Al-Aker, at the Paltel Business Center, in the presence of a number of board chairmen and general and regional directors of banks operating in Palestine.

Mr. Shawwa stressed the importance of this agreement, through which Paltel will provide hosting services to the sites of Palestine MonetaryAuthority and thus save and protect its data. Mr. Shawwa consideredthe agreement consistent with the strategy ofPalestineMonetary Authority in adopting the latest technology, where PalestineMonetary Authority has over the past years adopted the latest services to develop the banking network and alwaysimprovedcustomer and clients service, adding that the purposeof this agreement is to be effective and able to provide all banking services with modern technologies, praising the cooperation with Paltel and the use of data center services that Paltel offered.

Mr. Shawwa added, "Despite the difficult economic circumstances we are going through, the signing of this agreement is part of the efforts of Palestine Monetary Authority and the banking system to build and enable the national economy, in line with the directives of President Mahmoud Abbas and the decisions of the Palestinian government." 

For his part, Mr. Al-Aker appreciated the trust that PalestineMonetary Authority hadplaced on "Paltel" by hosting disaster recovery sites in the Data Center of Paltel in Al-Bireh, explaining that Paltelaims through the Center to provide a modern data center comparable to the global data centers in its equipment and standards at the disposal of Paltelsubscribers from the business sector ofthe highest capacities and connectivity services in safety and privacy, adding: "We have adopted everything that will ensure the protection and continuity of the Center's work from security standards, air conditioning systems, electrical systems and generators.”

Al-Aker stressed his pride in establishing and equipping Paltel data center in Al-Bireh, through which Paltel will provide high quality services, the most important of which are servers hosting services (co-location) and server protection management services from attack and penetration by a specialized team 24/7 and services, virtual servers, cloud computing services of all kinds including IaaS PaaS SaaS, storage space service, and other services.

It is worth mentioning that through the agreement, Paltel has connected banks to two main networks and anoptic fiber high speedsbackup.


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