Palestine Monetary Authority Signs Memorandum of Understanding with BCI Communication and Advanced Technology Ltd. to Connect with the Credit Registry System

Ramallah – June 17, 2019 – His Excellency Mr. Azzam Shawwa, the Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority, signed today, at Palestine Monetary Authority headquarters in Ramallah, memorandum of understanding with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of BCI Communication and Advanced Technology Ltd. Mr. Said Baransi. The purpose of the memorandum of understand is for Palestine Monetary Authority to provide BCI Communication and Advanced Technology Ltd. with the services of the Credit Registry System and to benefit from this system, developed by Palestine Monetary Authority, which has database that delivers relevant credit and demographic information about individual borrowers and their guarantors, whether individuals or institutions, and their categorization in the returned checks system.
Mr. Shawwa said Palestine Monetary Authority continued to encourage and to increase the number of private sector businesses who benefit from the Credit Registry System through signing memoranda of understanding with them. The purpose is to enhance the position of these businesses and their investment capacity, and to safeguard them against liquidity problems or credit solvency. This is part of Palestine Monetary Authority’s efforts to ensure soundness and stability and supervision of banking functions and to boost economic growth in Palestine, according to Mr. Shawwa.
Mr. Shawwa also said the memoranda of understanding and commitment to banking principles of confidentiality would enable the businesses to identify customers’ credit solvency when offering selling on credit where customers use postdated checks and take the right decision that saves them from engaging in credit risks.

Mr. Baransi praised the efforts of Palestine Monetary Authority to improve and develop the banking work environment by engaging the private sector establishments in systems like the Credit Registry System that protected the private sector establishments from defaulting and safeguarded business continuity and achievements. Mr. Baransi also said that despite the difficult financial circumstances that the Palestinian people underwent, systems like the Credit Registry System played important role in informing businesses and private establishments of the data of their clients so that they can give them facilities with confidence.

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