Palestine Monetary Authority Warns of Suspected Counterfeit Euro Banknotes in the Palestinian Market

Ramallah – Palestine Monetary Authority warns traders and the public to be careful when handling euro banknotes due to suspicion of counterfeiting.   

According to Palestine Monetary Authority, a number of people have recently tried to change suspected to be counterfeit euro banknotes at money changers and banks in Palestine.

Palestine Monetary Authority calls on the public to report any currency that is suspected to be counterfeit to the police and Palestine Monetary Authority via phone or e-mail. 

Palestine Monetary Authority affirms that these procedures are among the framework of combating the phenomenon of counterfeiting currencies and eliminating the risks of money laundering and financing terrorism. Counterfeiting currencies is among the crimes that harm the national economy and deterrent penalties are required to be taken against perpetrators of currency counterfeiting in line with the law, according to Palestine Monetary Authority

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