Deputy Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority Joins the Opening of The National Bank Conference on Announcing the Findings and Recommendations of Participatory Audit from Gender Perspective

Ramallah – February 28, 2019 - Deputy Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority Dr. Riyad Abu Shehadah took part in the opening of The National Bank Conference on Announcing the Findings and Recommendations of Participatory Audit from Gender Perspective in Ramallah today. The Conference was held under the auspices of His Excellency Mr. Azzam Shawwa, the Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority. UN Women Program Coordinator Mrs. Inas Marjeyeh, General Manger of The National Bank Mr. Ahmad Al-Hajj Hassan, International Labor Organization Representative in Palestine, and representatives of banking institutions and women organizations attended the Conference.
Dr. Abu Shehadah asserted in the opening remarks during the Conference the emphasis of Palestine Monetary Authority on giving incentives to the banking sector and lending institutions to ensure the concept of integrating gender in the banking sector. This is conducted by always affirming the necessity for developing capacities to launch financial products directed for women including women entrepreneurs and businesswomen, enhance campaigns of financial and banking education, develop banking services and products for women, and build capacities of banking service providers to serve the target group.
Dr. Abu Shehadah praised the findings of the participatory audit from gender perspective of The National Bank. Dr. Abu Shehadah emphasized the importance of banking institutions, especially banks and lending institutions, of having strategy to provide women with access to sustainable economic opportunities and special financial services for women.
Dr. Abu Shehadah also explained that the efforts to raise awareness in the banking sector with respect to gender integration in general policy and at the institutional level of the banking sector shall effectively contribute to enhancing financial stability of the banking sector and ensure economic development. Dr. Abu Shehadah thanked UN Women, ILO, and The National Bank for their joint efforts to realize this concept.
Among the most important findings of the audit is confirmation by The National Bank of having a strategy to enhance women’s role in the society and the national economy and that there are several good practices and methods followed by the management of The National Bank at work. Findings also show that the percentage of female workers in The National Bank is 32%, which is among the highest percentages in the Palestinian banking system. The Bank also follows serious policy to ensure equality in the Bank through the services and products, which the Bank is distinguished with. Also among the most prominent findings provision of special programs and interest-free loans to establish production projects to economically empower women and ensure their financial independence and give them opportunities of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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