Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority Meets Palestinian Turkish Businessmen Union’s Delegates

December 23, 2018 – His Excellency Mr. Azzam Shawwa met today in Ramallah delegates of businessmen from the Palestinian Turkish Businessmen Union including Palestinian businessmen who ran businesses in Turkey and directors from Palestine Monetary Authority and banks that operated in Palestine. Mr. Shawwa welcomed the delegates and briefed them about the efforts of Palestine Monetary Authority to develop the banking sector, maintain its stability and soundness, develop its banking systems, and enhance its financial stability by keeping abreast with recent banking developments and strengthening relations with Arab countries and the rest of the world.

Mr. Shawwa emphasized the vital role of the Palestinian Turkish Businessmen Union in developing the trade sector and the national economy by establishing strong economic relations and joint businesses and the impact of that on sustainable development. Mr. Shawwa said Palestine Monetary Authority was ready to cooperate with the Palestinian Turkish Businessmen Union to develop the trade sector.
Mr. Jamal Mustafa, representing the delegates of the Palestinian Turkish Businessmen Union, praised in a speech on behalf of the delegates the performance of the Palestine Monetary Authority, the development of its work and that of the Palestinian banking sector and support for the trade sector by stimulating the banking sector to give banking facilities, services, and products. Mr. Mustafa said it was necessary to continue communication between Palestine Monetary Authority and the Palestinian Turkish Businessmen Union to enhance cooperation and ensure Palestinian financial and economic development.
Mr. Mohammad Atallah Director of Research and Monetary Policy Department at Palestine Monetary Authority briefed the delegates about the most recent developments and performance indicators of the Palestinian economy and the banking sector. The enquiries made by the delegates were answered in the meeting.

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