Palestine Monetary Authority Welcomes Student Delegates from the Community College of Al-Aqsa University in Khan Yunis



Gaza – Palestine Monetary Authority welcomed student delegations from the Finance and Banking Sciences Section at the Community College of Al-Aqsa University in Khan Yunis. The student delegates were accompanied by the head of training section Mr. Ala’a Eid and Miss Siham Abu Athira. The delegates were welcomed by the Public Relations and Communications Department.

Mr. Eid said the students were glad to visit Palestine Monetary Authority and that they were impressed by the advanced and outstanding levels it had achieved. Mr. Eid said the visit was to strengthen relations between students and national institutions and to introduce students to the work of Palestine Monetary Authority and the Palestinian banking sector. Mr. Eid thanked the senior management of Palestine Monetary Authority; especially His Excellency Mr. Azzam Shawwa, the Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority for their support of such activities and visits.

Staff at the departments of Palestine Monetary Authority briefed the delegates about their work. Dr. Imad Al Araj briefed the delegates about PMA and the banking sector in general. Dr. Saif Al-Deen Odeh briefed the delegates about economic and financial stability in Palestine. Dr. Ra’fat Al Araj briefed the delegates about the supervisory role of PMA and Hussein Zaqoot talked about financial inclusion in Palestine and the work mechanism at the Customers Reception Hall. Ghada Abu Awili briefed the delegates about credit systems and check classification and Dr. Rajih Misbih briefed delegates about banking confidentiality and the laws that regulated PMA. The student delegates toured the Customers Reception Hall and PMA library in Gaza. Student delegates then visited the clearance room and were briefed by Maha Al-Swisi about the functions of the room and shifting soon to electronic clearance.



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