Palestine Monetary Authority Signs Two MoUs with Arab American University and Al Istiqlal University



His Excellency Mr. Azzam Shawwa, the Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority, signed today memorandum of understanding with the President of the Arab American University Dr. Ali Abu Zuhri and with the President of Al Istiqlal University Dr. Saleh Abuosba to enhance efforts of cooperation and joint work in scientific research in public administration, business management, economy, financial and banking sciences, accounting, financial and banking laws and legislations, and to exchange knowledge, and to give the graduates of these fields of the two universities opportunity to train at Palestinian Monetary Authority. 

His Excellency Mr. Shawwa addressed during the MoUs’ signing ceremonies the efforts of Palestine Monetary Authority to safeguard the banking system and financial stability and to enhance financial inclusion in Palestine despite the challenges and obstacles. Mr. Shawwa also pointed out to the strong indices of the Palestinian banking sector and its contributions to economic and social development.

Mr. Shawwa praised the cooperation with universities, which ensured realization of interest of all parties as stipulated by the articles of the MoUs. Mr. Shawwa said that the banking system was interested in supporting research efforts in Palestine and preparation of studies, research, and reports that enhanced awareness and financial and banking culture and relevant legislations among students in topics at hand. 


Dr. Ali Abu Zuhri and Dr. Saleh Abuosba congratulated PMA on its outstanding role in developing the Palestinian banking sector and being engaged in corporate social responsibility with community, students, and universities. They said that the signing of the MoUs was part of universities’ endeavor to develop education, encourage innovation and creativity, and support meaningful initiatives, and constant efforts to be well-established universities that focused on involving organizations and public figures to fully realize integration and excellence in mission, programs, and activities.   

PMA has distinguished relations with Palestinian universities across the country and had signed multiple MoUs with universities and conducted students’ training and education program with universities.  





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