Deputy Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority Briefs Egypt’s Deputy Ambassador about Recent Banking Developments

Monday, September 24, 2018 – Dr. Riyad Abu Shehadah, Deputy Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority, met today at the headquarters of Palestine Monetary Authority, with the Deputy Ambassador of Egypt to Palestine Mrs. Miranda Jubran. Dr. Abu Shehadah briefed Mrs. Jubran during the meeting about the recent developments and achievements of Palestine Monetary Authority in legislative, regulatory, and supervisory aspects to enhance the stability, independence, and safety of the Palestinian banking system and its functions. Dr. Shehadah also briefed Mrs. Jubran about the efforts to keep abreast of global banking developments, enhance banking partnerships with Arab countries through memoranda of understanding and the positive impact of such partnerships on the soundness and stability of the Palestinian banking system. Dr. Shehadah affirmed the strong bilateral relations between Palestine and Egypt and praised the support Egypt gave to Palestine in various areas especially economic support. Dr. Shehadah also praised the bilateral relations between Palestine Monetary Authority and the Central Bank of Egypt including the memorandum of understanding of 2010 and the ongoing development of such memorandum.
Mrs. Jubran praised the performance of the Palestinian banking sector and its development and stability and the role of Palestine Monetary Authority to ensure such development. Mrs. Jubran expressed readiness to further mutual cooperation in different areas including finance and banking.


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