Consultative Meeting Held in Gaza with Representatives of Palestine Monetary Authority, Palestine Deposit Insurance Corporation, Association of Banks in Palestine, the Banking Institute and the Banks

Under the guidance of the Governor of the PMA Azzam Shawwa, a meeting was convened of the representatives of the PMA, Palestine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC), Association of Banks in Palestine (ABP), the Banking Institute and the ten banks operating in the Gaza Strip. The consultative meeting was held at the Palestine Banking Institute in Gaza. During the meeting, the representatives deliberated the positive effects that the banks have on citizens and society as a whole. They also discussed the efforts made by the PMA to maintain the stability and robustness of the Palestinian banking system, in spite of the hard conditions facing the Palestinian people. 

The attendees stressed the fact that the PMA has succeeded in shielding the banking system against repercussions of the internal political split, continuing to operate while evading political tensions. Further, the PMA and the banks have displayed high efficiency levels during the wars on Gaza, making them a model to be followed in the field of crisis management. 

The attendees praised the high level of citizen and depositor confidence in the Palestinian banking system, which emanates from the fact that the PMA is a highly professional, independent and law-abiding institution. They noted that both the PMA and the banking system have constantly received commendation from international institutions, having kept abreast with the latest global developments in the banking industry. 

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