PMA and Birzeit University Sign Memorandum of Understanding on Promotion of Financial and Banking Awareness and Education among Students

Governor of the PMA Azzam Shawwa and President of Birzeit University (BZU) Dr. Abdul Latif Abu Hijleh have signed at the university today a Memorandum of Understanding regarding the cooperation between the two parties to foster research in Palestine through research papers, studies and statistics and to raise the levels of financial and banking awareness and education, also with respect to relevant legislations, among students. Under this MoU, both parties have committed to promote joint efforts regarding scientific research in the fields of economics, business administration and financial and banking sciences, as well as regarding the exchange of publications. The MoU additionally makes it possible for students and graduates of the faculties of business management, economics and law and public administration to receive training at the PMA. 

Furthermore, the MoU provides for the assignment of delegates from BZU faculty members to attend PMA conferences and for the utilization of the expertise of PMA employees as lecturers for certain courses. The MoU also focuses on organizing events that are aimed at student empowerment and awareness-raising with respect to banking and financial issues as well as to relevant legislation, while contributing to achieve the goals of the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion, as set forth by the Strategy’s plan of action that outlined specific requirements for universities operating in Palestine. 

From his side, Governor Shawwa stressed the fact that the signing of the MoU came within the frame of bolstering partnership with academic institutions in a manner that contributed to expanding the research and applied science capacities of university students in the areas of finance and banking. He then pointed out that BZU was a leading educational institution which played a significant role in providing the Palestinian banking sector with banking and economic expertise and qualifications. 

From his side, Dr. Abdul Latif Abu Hijleh commended the efforts of the PMA with respect to the advancement of the Palestinian banking sector and the maintenance of the sector’s stability and performance as well as the promotion of financial and banking awareness of all segments of the society. He noted that the signing of the MoU will offer students the opportunity to become acquainted and to benefit from hands-on experience of the banking system and the laws and rules that regulate its operation. This will boost their competencies and knowledge and help them better plan for the future. 

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